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Ocean Ingress at Cottesloe

A few weeks ago an article was published in the Western Suburbs Weekly relating to the ocean ingress at Cottesloe. Since the article, there has been a lot of misinterpretation of the implications of an eventual 50-metre ingress of the ocean along the beachfront.

In the WSW article it states that director, Garry Baverstock, advised the Town of Cottesloe that a 30-metre buffer zone behind the sand dunes be allowed east of the then average dune alignment. This needs to be at least 50-metres to allow for the reformation of future dunes now.  Not to mention, if climate change is not properly addressed by 2050, this ingress allowance may need to be doubled.

With all the above in consideration and whilst it would be great for the iconic Cottesloe beach area to have a new foreshore plan that could be implemented, the commercial strip is also in much need of a facelift. The built environment needs a complete urban planning review and a new planning scheme developed.Garry Baverstock wsw June 2019 Stemming the tide smaller

Introducing Lyssandra!

Lyssandra Lumley

Lyssandra Lumley

As a child, what was your dream job and when did you know Architecture was calling you…

When I was little I actually wanted to be a vet nurse because my dad was a vet and I loved helping at the surgery – I even had a full set of second hand vet instruments to play with! In the end I chose architecture because I wanted to work in a field that was both creative and tactile and scientific, something that was both intellectually and emotionally stimulating, and Architecture seemed like the perfect balance to me.

When did you start at Ecotect…

It was the day after my birthday in mid-May 2019 – an awesome present!

What does a day look like for you here at Ecotect…

I like to call myself ‘an assistant student’ as I am doing work experience so that I can graduate from my masters of Architecture at UWA. I help with drawings, 3D modelling for visualisation and sun shadow studies, as well as do materials research.

Can you tell us more about your studies…

At the start of this year I finished my studies in Architecture at UWA, and simultaneously began my masters of Urban Design.

Interestingly, the last unit I completed was an overseas studio in Lisbon that really opened my eyes to a completely different way of Architecture and building to what we have here!

What do you like most about your role with us…

Learning about the Client-Architect relationship is really interesting and working on real projects with all their individual challenges and conditions is exciting!

Knowing that my work is part of allowing people to fulfil their dreams is a great feeling.

What’s your ambition…

One day, I’d like to work for myself and take on local jobs such as small-scale urban projects and dwellings, with ecological sustainability in mind, and always designing comfortable and healthy spaces to be in, whether indoors or outdoors.

I also want to use the skills and knowledge that I acquire to make our shared habitat more conducive to social interactions that bond local communities, I would love to see car-less communities in areas of Perth and an increase in housing diversity and options (in condensed areas) that encourage neighbourly interactions.

Broadly speaking, my ambition is to use Architecture and Urban design to encourage lifestyle change as well as environmental awareness and at the same time finding ways to address social inequalities (through design of public spaces) so everyone benefits not just the groups who finance the design.

Where can we find you in your spare time…

I love going jogging along the beach, or bush walking, if I want to re-energise after work or on the weekend. I also get involved with my local wetland conservation group and go to their volunteer weeding and planting days!

If I have a few hours I will set up a drawing board and paint or sketch, mostly landscapes of whatever place I’d rather be in that moment. I also take classes in silver jewellery making, dance and boxing (though not all at once). Learning guitar is next on the list!

What does your future hold…

Travel and get as much experience as possible all over the world.

I find different vernacular building technologies fascinating, and I’d love to get involved in building overseas too, such as helping in post-disaster community re-building projects.

(I visited Christchurch NZ not too long after their big 2011 Earthquake and was really inspired by the different ways big and small that the community was reviving their city…being involved in something like that would be a dream!

Finally I’d like to finish my thesis…I started research into urban design interventions to increase incidental physical activity in everyday life for all ages and abilities, I think with more experience the topic will change but it’s a good starting point and one I have a lot of empathy with.









Eco Compound is 17 years young!

17 years ago the Eco Compound project was passed for construction by the Cottesloe Council.

Eco Compound

Eco Compound

It seemed to be a turning point in thinking at the time. We buried a time under the house explaining why there was such a strong focus was on Sustainable Architecture from the beginning of the 20th Century.

See the then Mayor Rob Rowell and then leader of the Opposition / future Premier Colin Barnett, Julia Hayes and Garry Baverstock putting some weight into the shovel.

Mayor Rob Rowell and then leader of the Opposition / future Premier Colin Barnett, Julia Hayes and Garry Baverstock

Mayor Rob Rowell and then leader of the Opposition / future Premier Colin Barnett, Julia Hayes and Garry Baverstock

Passive solar design of houses is needed more than ever. Energy efficiency measures are a step forward but it really is up to the community to do something positive to avert Climate Change. Building a passive Solar home or retro-fitting to lower energy use is still the most effective way

to lower emissions in the atmosphere. Ecotect Architects can advise you on this.

Unfortunately the architecture and building professions have over the last decade taken the foot off the pedal in pushing this invaluable approach to home design.

Now that Climate Change ravages are starting to bite into our economic future, it is time for a resurgence in designing and building our homes to maximise energy efficiency. We need to use the sun to maximize the heat our homes in winter and ventilate and shade for natural cooling in summer.

Design/Construct the only way to go!

Garry, James and Phil

Garry, James and Phil

Garry Baverstock and James Shaw from Ecotect-Architects have started a design/construct operation with Phil Grogan from Simple Life Projects for more affordable building solutions for our clientele. Our team has been successful over the years winning many MBA and HIA Greensmart Awards.

Our professional services will remain the same but budgeting and estimating will be far more accurate because of the involvement of a builder in the entire process.

Phil already provides in house estimating and project management services to Ecotect Architects so it is a logical step to offer a construction service earlier in the process to help some clients alleviate budget fears for tight cost projects.