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Solar Energy Optimism

The main message from the recent Australian Solar Energy Society [‘AuSES’] 2010 Conference in Canberra, Australia, was very optimistic about the widespread use of solar energy in all its forms.

Having been involved with International Solar Energy Society [‘ISES’]  since 1979, through the West Australian branch and then the Australia & New Zealand Solar Energy Society [“ANZSES’] as an incorporated body, when it came into being in 1984, one could understand my optimism to see something I have passionately believed in as the most sustainable way forward for mankind, has started to become a reality.

No longer will the use of solar energy in all its forms be considered a fringe, “thing of future” any more.   I have written a series of articles that distil my perceptions of the proceedings from a professional standpoint and the political implications of holding this landmark conference in our nation’s capital, Canberra.

Solar Energy - Watts installed

Graph: showing the explosion of installed PV in Australia in the last decade

The way forward from hereon is the encouragement of more focused research in the various fields of endeavour in the diverse world of solar energy applications.

AuSES is destined to have a pivotal role in the next 50 years to ensure that planet earth no longer lives on the edge of energy and environmental uncertainty.

A series of articles that covers what happened in Canberra will be published on solar-e over the next month or so.

Garry Baverstock AM, CEO of www.solar-e.com

2010 President of AuSES, WA

The following aspects will be discussed in articles posted from December 2010 onwards:

– The Week that Canberra Became a National Focus for AuSES in 2010

– The Role of the Built Environment in Using Solar Energy and Addressing Climate Change – A Viable Direction for AuSES

– Political Will and Systems Thinking for Climate Change Needed – How AuSES Can Help

– Nuclear Politics a Real Danger for Progress of Solar and Renewable Energy Progress – Collaboration Needed Not War

– Open Learning and Presentation of Facts – the Key for Greater Use of Solar Energy – AuSES Leading the Way

– New Solar-e.com Will Soon be Ranking Solar Societies and Associations Conference Papers – First Step AuSES

– The List of  ‘solar-e’ Best Papers at Solar 2010 – AuSES Conference in Canberra

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LEED Funding Grants – innovation concepts

Chief Scientist Lyn Beasely’s LEED Advisory Group recommendations have been given credence by the current WA Government which has  announced the latest round of grant approvals for Low Energy Emissions Developments. The State Government has announced investments of almost $8million in three new low-emissions energy projects in Perth, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Karratha.

Read the details here

The increase of Federal and State funding for future clean sources of energy is a great initiative because the “do nothing” scenario propagated by the Climate Sceptics is simply going to destroy our world for future generations.  It is great that current WA Government recognizes this and has continue the LEED Funding Scheme.

As they say in cricket and many times in life, ‘playing off the front foot’, is the best way to go.  As time goes on and a realistic price is set on carbon pollution, our work will become even more focused and will result in improved risk management of R&D and commercialisation support programs.

If our society is not researching and developing and exploring potentially viable innovations then our society is not just staying the same.  In relation to other countries we would be going backwards.

I am not at liberty to discuss any details of the assessments or our methods of adjudication but am willing to discuss innovation concepts in a general fashion and what I consider is needed for seeking better more relevant applications.

Garry Baverstock A.M.