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ECONORMOUS – Perth’s Iconic Future


As a global hub for mining, oil and gas, Western Australia is ripe for an iconic building which represents the cutting edge innovation of this industry.

This idea of a major iconic landmark featuring an enormous mining dump truck (haul pack) was developed by friends and business colleagues Peter Kasprzak and Garry Baverstock. Garry Baverstock, Principal of Ecotect Architects, further developed the idea 20-storey prefabricated pyramid that will house galleries, offices, restaurants and living accommodation– all shaded by a steel frame green parasol structure that forms the outer skin of the building. The top half of the inner building will be luxury apartments while the lower levels will feature upmarket, luxury hotel suites. Celebrating the history of our State, the building is also envisaged to house a mining innovation museum – the only one of its type in the world.

Utilising the latest technologies in environmentally sensitive architectural design, ECONORMOUS will have a carbon negative footprint and generate surplus power during peak power demand periods in the city, representing the future of green building design.It is an innovative approach that has not been seen before in the world. Innovate Australia has been engaged to promote this as a much needed innovation with large economic benefits for our city.

By utilising the latest advancements in passive design, ventilation and shading techniques, this development is planned to be as green as possible by using extensive PV cells to generate all the power for the hotel. It will have zero carbon impact and be energy positive. Waste and water harvesting will provide nutrients to the green walls and plants growing over the meshed structure forming part of the parasol. Automated controlled natural ventilation systems will create a healthy fresh air environment for the hotel patrons and visitors in all common areas.

ECONORMOUS is a building of the future – designed and built in a way that will protect and sustain our environment. In short, it is an iconic, landmark building that will be a focal point for the city, a source of pride for its residents and a tourist attraction in its own right.