Ocean Ingress at Cottesloe

A few weeks ago an article was published in the Western Suburbs Weekly relating to the ocean ingress at Cottesloe. Since the article, there has been a lot of misinterpretation of the implications of an eventual 50-metre ingress of the ocean along the beachfront.

In the WSW article it states that director, Garry Baverstock, advised the Town of Cottesloe that a 30-metre buffer zone behind the sand dunes be allowed east of the then average dune alignment. This needs to be at least 50-metres to allow for the reformation of future dunes now.  Not to mention, if climate change is not properly addressed by 2050, this ingress allowance may need to be doubled.

With all the above in consideration and whilst it would be great for the iconic Cottesloe beach area to have a new foreshore plan that could be implemented, the commercial strip is also in much need of a facelift. The built environment needs a complete urban planning review and a new planning scheme developed.Garry Baverstock wsw June 2019 Stemming the tide smaller