Parisa Receives her PhD

Friday night was an big night and a step forward for building analytics in WA. Parisa Esmaeili Moakher was awarded her PhD for energy efficiency analytics for social housing. It included Qualitative analysis for ‘use-culture’ as well as Quantitative analysis for the thermodynamics realities required for achieving comfort. 

As co-supervisor and Adjunct Professor at Murdoch University, I know that Parisa did an incredible job as she completed an exhaustive study and data collection exercise with minimal resources.

Parisa’s main supervisor Associate Professor Tania Urmee was extremely pleased with the achievement as well Dr Francis Norman who had an valuable interest in mentoring Parisa to cope with the organisational and emotional load of studying in the field (especially with English as her second language and extra load of managing her time caring for her baby girl over the last 3 years). All who attended agreed that her achievement was remarkable.

Parisa’s data collection in 13 social houses included thermal inertia readings which gave tell tale evidence to back assumptions made over each occupant’s use-culture. The work included liaising with the CSIRO looking at the back end of the AccuRate program. We are hopeful that Murdoch University will some how continue with this multi-disciplinary approach to possibly help improve the future evolution of the program, particularly its back end assumptions over the coming years.

Parisa’s accumulated skills and acquired expertise are already being recognised with an analyst job with a large engineering firm, who want to stay at the cutting edge.

Hopefully, Parisa will over time will remain in WA and increase the technical knowledge base for building science. 

Parisa is now an adviser at Ecotect-Architects on energy ratings, please contact us for more information.

From Left DR Francis Norman


Dr Parisa Esmaeili Moakher (with baby daughter) – Awarded PhD in energy analytics for social housing

Dr Tania Urmee, Associate Professor and Research Leader at Murdoch University School of Engineering next to Parisa

Adjunct Professor, Garry Baverstock AM, Murdoch University School of Engineering and Energy, Director of Wise Earth Research Centre (WERC), Principal for Ecotect-Architects