Retrofitting your Home

COVID-19 has forced people home for most of this year. What better time to fix up your house to save energy and use you free time productively.

Post COVID-19, we predict that there will need to be a price hike in energy bills until governments implement smarter integration of solar power into the grid.


Ecotect-Architects can help in many ways:

  1. Advisory service by skype or zoom to work out the best ways you can maximize DIY and engage experts contractors to help you with the work (socially distanced of course). The first step is to take some photos and jot down some ideas and questions you would like to discuss. Having a copy or a diagram of your home would be very useful.
  2. One of our associates will make contact and book an online session and discuss the fee involved.
  3. Once the session is completed the verbal advice may suffice for simple action plans but a brief report can be sent and a fee proposal for follow up architectural work can be sent.
  4. At the same time as making the home more energy efficient and effetely use solar energy, both passive and actively using PV technology.
  5. It may be a good time to renovate and add the spare room at the same time, whereby drawings can be done and submitted for approval and assistance with quotes given by the associate.

You’ll find the service valuable and surprisingly affordable and will pay for itself from energy savings in quick time. Please contact us for more information.