Say Yes WA to a Carbon Tax

West Australians are being asked to join the campaign Say Yes WA.Organisations in support of a price on carbon tax are asking individuals and organisations to  SAY YES WA and sign up to the statement at

Prof. Ray Wills CEO of The Sustainable Energy Association Australia says Western Australia has much to benefit from a price on carbon pollution and too much to lose from inaction.
Below are extracts from statements in the press release from the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia which is downloadable at the end of this article:

The following organisations support Say Yes WA for a Carbon Tax

“Putting a price on pollution will release billions of dollars to drive innovation in clean energy projects and technologies and support farmers who want to protect the land for future generations.”  Prof. Ray Wills.CEO.  SEAAUS  Say Yes WA

“We’re concerned that the voices of vested interests in WA courtesy of their multi-million dollar carbon tax fighting funds, have been drowning out the voices of ordinary West Australians who can see that WA has much to gain from putting a price on carbon pollution.”   Conservation Council

“A price on carbon will create new employment opportunities and is an essential step towards a cleaner, healthier future and a continuing strong economy.”   UnionsWA

“A price on carbon will mean less pollution, more money for clean technolgoy and innovation.” World Wild Life Fund Australia Say Yes WA

“A  strategy is needed to move Australia to far less dependence on fossil fuels.” Anglican Archibishop of Perth

“Australia’s government needs this kind of legislation to effectively lead the country to a clean energy future.”  Prof. Peter Newman. Curtin University

“The Uniting Church views climate change as a most serious threat to the future and integrity of life on earth. It is time for Australia to be proactive in addressing climate change – we need a price on pollution.  Rev Ken Williams, Uniting Church in Western Australia

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Say Yes WA

Say Yes WA

Say Yes WA


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