South Beach Prom House

The South Beach Promenade site in South Fremantle has a beautiful, uninterrupted north-westerly view across parkland to the beach. The brief for the project was for a passive solar, Fremantle-style house with an upper-floor retreat. The client’s intention was to utilise the upper floor for himself while the downstairs area would be mostly used by guests. The entry to the house was on the south side and both the upstairs and downstairs living spaces open onto balconies and terraces to the north-west. The house features a double-height solar pergola and a circular stone tower on the street frontage. These circular forms are repeated throughout the building.

For sustainability the house also features underground water storage tanks, re-charge toilet systems and anApricus evacuated tube hot water system. The solar pergola thermally controls the living spaces and features an outside dining area. Solar awningsabove the kitchen windows further control the temperature and a breeze court with a water feature captures the sea breezes.