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Green Architects

Green Architects can save the client 60-90% on energy costs in their new home.


This solar movie opens the scope of solar design to commercial, institutional industrial buildings, as well as the smaller scale of residential design, including the retro-fitting of existing ones.

Prominent Green Architects Perth

A number of prominent Perth green architects are interviewed in this video together with planners who point out that well thought-out land subdivisions and master planning are crucial for the success of this strategy.

This solar movie about green architects was made in the 1990s for the Australian Institute of Architects. Dr Bill Parker was involved in the production and direction. The movie entitled ‘Green by Design’ won a government energy efficiency award in 1998.

Green Architects Discuss How to Design for Energy Efficiency

The messages on going green by design and the benefits of using green architects are still very relevant in the developed world.

to learn the basic principles and how you can best orientate and design your house for optimal comfort and energy efficiency download the Climate Sensible Designs video showing why it pays to use  green architects.  Go to the www.solar-e shop to view this and other DVDs