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From Solar Aircraft to Solar Airport

Joshua Portlock from Electro.aero in Perth is a sustainable aviation advocate and innovation leader. He has previously developed a product line of ducted quadrotor drones and co-founded drone technology company Sci Aero. He is also focused on commercialising electric aircraft.

Garry Gaverstock electro aero blog mar 2019

Wanting to build solar powered airports to house his electric aircraft, Ecotect Architects have been working alongside Electro.aero to design these airports. The new airports are set to revolutionise the aviation industry, and will help establish a new environmentally sustainable mode of transport.

Following years of prototypes, solar aircraft is almost set to take off. In the next year or two, these solar powered aircrafts could be the first to provide electric transport to and from Rottnest Island. The benefits of this solar airport are great, providing a significant advantage over petrol driven aircraft. Not only does it offer an environmental advantage but it also provides much more quiet transport.

Solar aircraft are the quietest aircraft therefore reducing noise complaints. Ecotect Architects have designed the future runways set to be smaller and more efficient. The future of aviation lies with solar energy and the new solar airport is just the start.

Joshua recently presented a TEDtalk on creating a solar airportĀ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAek_NuFE28