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Strathearn Apartment

Apartments that have not been built to code specifications are very topical right now and Ecotect have been busy working on a special project to deliver options surrounding an existing apartment building located in Crawley, between the Swan River and Kings Park.

Despite being a small, existing development of just 20 apartments, we see this as a fun architectural challenge in which we need to deliver some options to create a safe, compliant fire exit from the existing building that is both subtle and visually appealing.

Space to complete this is limited, with the final design needing to comply with strict legislation to protect tenants and also be functional for years to come, not a short term fix.

What this has created however, is the opportunity to upgrade the surrounding landscaping and utilise previously ‘dead space’ with seating and plants to create a visually inviting area for people to enjoy.



Garry, Penelope and our intrepid intern Lyssandra have been working on this project.