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Architect’s Collaborative

Garry Baverstock and Sasha Ivanovich both award winning architects are investigating the possibility of establishing an architect’s collaborative made up of like minds and compatible expertise. Various corporate structures are being explored. It will be based in Perth but members from interstate can be a part of the organisation.  There may be various levels of participation from core corporate directors through to affiliated firms who sometimes work with the proposed group.
The new professional organisation will be a network of sustainability based architects who share common values and want to move progress along with a healthy rate of innovation. With architects consider that progress is way too slow and the profession relies too heavily on government regulations which are meant to be the base level of ESD. It is great that the Government started doing upgrades of compliance, but many in the profession consider that is all that is necessary.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We now need a much higher performance for our built environments.
In an addition to this there will be a network of multi-disciplinary consultants, called NatSCOPE to look at integrating wider expertise into decision making when scoping out built environment projects.
Starting at Cottesloe Chambers in Swanbourne, it is planned that these professional organisations and networks will be part of an innovation hub in the new Swanbourne Village Project (‘Helios’) when built.
Architects will have their own studios elsewhere and use the hub as a meeting place for design coordination and clients.
We need to apply new thinking at all levels to be more effective in addressing climate change. The total built environment including transports produces 50% of the emissions in the developed world with about 30% going into materials, construction and running buildings.
To find out more about the collective, please contact garry@ecotectarchitects.com