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Urban Development – Post COVID_19

As we navigate through this global pandemic, Australia seems to be optimistic about looking forward to our future. And whilst we still have a long way to go, embracing some positive changes to bring into the post-pandemic world and the way in which we live are encouraging.
With the clear message to stay at home, the message shouldn’t be misunderstood as ‘stay indoors’. We should be exploring our surroundings, going outside, and enjoying the sunshine, but safely.
Coming out of this pandemic there is also likely to be more importance on ‘living architecture’ – such as green roofs and walls, rooftop gardens, natural light and ventilation – ¬†and a shift away from the resilience of air conditioning and heating.
There is a great article on Urban Developer discussing living architecture, which can be found here.
The article highlights the importance of well-designed developments, such as Ilios – the new garden sanctuary in the heart of Cottesloe, as being the way forward.
Developments such as Ilios, offering passive solar design and a new approach to urban dwellings, appear to be the perfect balance of sustainable living and connection to the outside. Our relationship with nature, and its mental health benefits, have for a long time not been possible with high density, city-living. Ilios changes all that and is well worth a look also.