Ten Years on, an Environmentally Friendly Design Endures

 Congdon carport

Energy Efficient Urban Design

Award winning eco-architect, Garry Baverstock and his team, are known for their innovative, energy efficient urban design and concepts.

Energy and Water Efficienct Home

These energy efficient designs embrace the ideal building combination of creative aesthetic form and structure that are also energy and water efficient.

It was inevitable that when the time came to build his own home to share with his wife, Julia; the same passion for environmentally and energy efficient urban design was foremost in his mind when he created his current home in Congdon Street, Swanbourne.

Indoor Temperature

Garry commented that the temperature from summer to winter didn’t change any more than 5-10 degrees. In Summer, the indoor house temperature was no more than 28 degrees 90% of the time and in mid-winter, it never got below 18 degrees.This is remarkable considering the house doesn’t have air-conditioning or heating installed.

Solar Provides Free Air Conditioning

In the future, a solar air conditioner and heater will be installed that will keep the temperature at 24 degrees all year round; free of charge. Ten years on, this innovative ‘Ecotect Architects’ design is still something that people aspire to when considering their new home.

To learn more about climate sensible home design please view our short video on YouTube:

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Photo Credits; Nick Melidonis, www.nickmelidonis.com